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Welcome to Prameela Plastics...!

We are manufacturer of injection molded components having works in Hyderabad and Goa.

We are specialized in injection molded components manufacturing from 5 grams of the component weight to 600 grams. We have keen interest in developing new products and we also specialize in reverse engineering to make the customer available the product at competitive price.

We also specialize in decorative components used in electrical and automotive industry such as fans, coolers , a.c, wheel caps etc. we are doing the decoration of components by various methods such as vaccume metalizing , foiling, painting on plastics, screen printing etc.

Pramila plastics is accredited with ISI certification for the manufacturing of industrial safety helmets.

Our Services
Plastic injection moulding:
We specialize in engineering products such as gears, closures, terminal adapters etc.
Foiling on plastics:
We are doing foiling and metalising on plastics and make the component look more attractive used for decoration purpose.
Painting on plastics:
We have full fledge painting section to be done on plastics. we use special paints manufactured by BOSS Co, Asian paints, Bossini etc for painting on plastics.
Our Products
Industrial safety helmets
We are manufacturing industrial safety helmets used for safety of worke force in construction and other infra projects. We have ISI certification for the same
Fan components:
We specialise in making fan components, both decorative and engineereing. we are making fan parts since last two decades.
Engineering components:
We process delrin and nylon for engineering products such as safety caps, gears and wheels.
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